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Set up your Amazon aStore with ease, and start making money instantly! In this training, you'll learn three free and easy ways to promote your aStore and earn income with everyday purchases.


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Got an online platform? Freelance or own a business? You need an Amazon aStore.  It’s a quick and easy way to monetize your referrals!

In this video training, you’ll learn how to make consistent income from your Amazon Associates Store!** Whether you’re a blogger, fashion designer, small business owner, stay at home parent, or college student. You can create a FREE store on Amazon filled with favorite items you love and use every day- and generate income using your social media to share these favorites with customers, friends, and family!

Ever since sharing my system with industry leading bloggers, and prominent small business owners- my readers are seeing real results and making MONEY as soon as the NIGHT after viewing my webinar, and setting up their store.

Real Testimonials:

"Thanks Nicole, it's been 24 hours and I'm already seeing progress in my store.!" - J.N.

"I've seen revenue as well...I even downloaded the app on my phone...I have to stop myself from checking it every hour!" - T.M.

"I can't believe I bought a dress that I love, wore it on vacation, posted a pic of it and I made $$ from it!...It doesn't make sense not to, and I'm very grateful to you Nicole for letting me know this was even an option!" - R.F.

"Nicole gave me my WHOLE LIFE in her webinar! Please! Watch it if you missed it live! She's AMAZING!"- A.R.

I’ve received countless questions regarding how I make hundreds of dollars a month, WHILE I SLEEP, generating sales and income via Amazon Associates Affiliate program- and I finally answer them all here in this video!

This webinar was originally delivered on Periscope App, where I gave a FREE high-level Q&A on how I utilize this passive income stream to ‪#‎monetizethyself‬. Subscribe to @NapturalNicole on Periscope to catch other free previews- BEFORE they expire, and are available for paid download only!

Now’s your chance to join countless others, and see money in your bank account for using the everyday items you love- and Monetize Your Life! If you follow my key steps to maximizing your Amazon affiliate store- this webinar will pay for itself! Invest in your business, your brand, and your life- #MonetizeThyself!

See you soon!


*Please note: This is NOT a step by step “set up my store” tutorial- that full walkthrough is provided in the Amazon Affiliates Pt.2 paid program.

**Residents of Arkansas, Louisiana, Maine, Missouri, Rhode Island, or Vermont are not eligible to participate in the Amazon Associates Program, per Amazon's policy. If you are a resident of any state listed above, you are not able to set up or operate an Amazon aStore.