Monetize Thyself: Followers into BUYERS! SKU: 113841

This easy and fun webinar gives you 3 specific, and simple ways to turn your social media followers into product and brand BUYERS! They have coin, and I'm going to teach you how to get it!


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It's time to #monetizethyself! Whether you're a blogger, business owner, stay at home parent, or student- you are using social media to communicate with friends, family and followers. These people are watching you deliver great content, and you should be collecting their coins! 

In this webinar, I give you 3 step-by-step, simple ways to overcome the fear of 'asking for money' on social media-
1. You'll learn how to 'close'- and sell your brand- in person, on a phone call, YouTube, or Live Streaming on platforms like Periscope.
2. I'll detail how to integrate closing techniques, seamlessly into your online websites- like Facebook, instagram, and blogs.
3. You'll know how to end every email or written correspondence to a follower or potential customer with a casual but extremely effective redirect to purchasing, or buying products from your brand. 
We also review what NOT to do, and how just 3 tiny mistakes could cost your business and brand money! 
Get over your fear of getting the money you deserve, maximize your income generating potential- and make the most of the time you're spending on social media- GET YOUR COINS!
Enjoy, Rich Friends!
-Nicole "ScOprah" Walters
Monetization Strategist & Money Making Maven